Open Up To The Romance Of The Seafront

There’s a certain cachet to the idea of the lonely writer living in a place well away from it all battered by the sea and sun. Bleached white from storms passed, with cheery bright shutters and the whole thing is a source of inspiration and the creation of a best-selling novel.

Even if that isn’t quite your cup of tea – you can get into the idea of a rocker on the deck watching the sun at the end of the day. That point of the day when somehow you can actually see the sun moving. It has spent all day moving imperceptibly across the sky until the last 15 minutes when it does actually drop in visible steps into the horizon.

If this is really one of your dreams, north carolina oceanfront rentals can make it come true. While of course, this is about getting away from it all, it is truly about getting a real change of scenery and recharging the batteries.

Being by the sea gives you natural air conditioning without the hum. Sleeping at night with the windows open and the smell of the salt will do as much to bring back your sense of self as a month in a health spa.

There’s also a great sense of community by the sea – it is superficial of course we all know that. But still, it feels real as we meet new friends, eat out in friendly restaurants offering locally sourced produce and the freshest of fresh fish.

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And okay, perhaps they are not going to become your BFF, but it is true that the colors are different. It’s something to do with the purity of the light, the amount of reflected light and there being nothing to stop it, like tall buildings.